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Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season 2? Which Date Marks Its Arrival On Netflix?

The creator and director of the original 1982 film were Jim Henson of the same name i.e. Dark Crystal. This 10 episode is the prequel of the film.

So, do we have any Release Date for the second season?

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance dropped on Netflix at the end of August which is 30th 2019. So a late arrival in 2020 can be expected!

As the first season ended in full dissent so there are high chances of getting season two premiere dates any time soon. Though we all even know that Netflix announces the release /confirm the show before a month only.

The majority of creatures and sets for the characters now exist, meaning the show’s creators will not be beginning completely from blemishes.

Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Season 2- Potential Star Cast: Who is going to be there for next season?

The ones who will be returning are Taron Egerton as Rian, Anya Taylor as Brea, Joy as Nathalie and Emmanuel as Deet.

Helena Bonham Carter (as Maura Mayrin), Awkwafina playing The Collector, Mark Hamill (as The Scientist) and Lena Headey (as Maura Far).

Some more stars are:

Natalie Dormer (Onica), Simon Pegg (skekSil/The Chamberlain), Eddie Izzard (Cadia), Caitriona Balfe (Tavira), Andy Samberg (as The Heretic), Theo James as Rek’yr, Jason Isaacs (skekSo/The Emperor), Ralph Ineson as skekMal/The Hunter, Alice Dinnean as skekEkt/The Ornamentalist, Toby Jones (The Librarian), Mark Strong (Ordon), Alicia Vikander as Mira.

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season one:

*Gelfing’s started a full out revolt against the Skeksis by the end of the finale.

*Gartjo War and the Wall of Destiny from the film were not mentioned in the first season, so still, we got so much on our plates for next season.

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