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Dark Desire: Did Netflix Just Converted ‘365 Days’ Into A TV Show?

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Dark Desire, the Mexican thriller drama series released on Netflix on the 15th of July. The show revolves around the entangled story of Alma, a law teacher who is married to a judge named Leonardo. Leonardo actually conceals many truths and scams. They also have a child named Zoe. Along with them in this story are two private investigators named Dario and Esteban. However, there’s much more to it than just the story. Actually, it is being titled as the sensual show on Netflix right now. In fact, people are calling it episodes of the movie ‘365 days’.

Dark Desire, the steamy show on Netflix

The show is being compared to 365 days because it also features some very intimate scenes similar to 365 days. However, it also has a quite happening plot that keeps the viewers interested. It all starts when Alma visits her best friend to help her cope with the grief of the latter’s divorce. On the getaway, she meets Dario, a 23-year-old, and soon gets very intimate with him resulting in something that she will regret later.

However, she returns to her family trying to forget what happened back there. The story, of course, doesn’t stop there. Her mistake turns her life to be a living hell. All that started as a small adventure turned to be an incendiary passion that explored a lot of regretting the past.

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The show indeed features some scene where Dario is seen shirtless and fans just cannot keep it to themselves. One writes, “Can I have Dario #DarioPlease”. Although the show is being compared to 365 days, it is not at all connected to it. So, do not confuse it to be an extension of 365 days or something. Seeing the show’s popularity, we can hope for another season to be announced soon. Stay tuned with us.

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