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Dark Is Now The Best Series In The History Of Netflix! Beats Black Mirror

The German series “Dark” has taken the throne from others and has become the public’s favourite and the best series in Netflix’s history. 

It is not easy to choose the best series of Netflix since it has too many titles to choose from. But, now Dark has become the best of the original content on the platform. The series won over the hits like The Crown, Black Mirror and even Stranger Things.

The mystery and science fiction series has broken all the records in the ranking created by Rotten Tomatoes, which is one of the most influential portals of information and criticism of movies, documentaries and television series.

The Rotten Tomatoes held a survey in which people were allowed to choose there favourite Netflix’s series. Around 2.5 million people participated in the survey and cast their votes. After several days of selection in the grand final, Black Mirror and Dark met. But at last, the German series got out 80% of the votes and became the world’s most favourite series.

Here’s what you should know about the German series Dark

Dark is directed by Swiss filmmaker Baran bo Odar and is written by screenwriter and actress Jantje Friese.

Dark released its first season in late 2017. And its second season was premiered in June 2019. And the third part of episodes of the series is likely to be released soon in mid-2020.

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What is the plot of the thriller Dark?

It is a supernatural thriller that takes place in the mysterious town of Winden, a small fictional German town. The strange disappearance of a young man breaches the peace of the town.

Basically, the production tells the story of four families from the town of Winden at different times. The strange events occur every thirty-three years in the town.

Who are there in the cast of the series Dark?

The series stars Louis Hofmann, Sebastian Rudolph, Maja Schöne, Oliver Massucci, Sandra Borgmann and Angela Winkler.

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