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Dark Season 3: Final Season? Potential Spin-Off Plans We Expect After The End!

Dark, the complex show with multiple timelines and twisted plot. The final season is now available on Netflix. It was announced on 26th May that the final season of Dark would release on 27th June. Well, our guess was more or less accurate. With the final season being released, the question arises, what will become of the show now? What about its future? Will there be a spin-off series? Let us get to those questions.

So, will there be a spin-off?

To be clear, Netflix hasn’t said anything about that yet. However, it doesn’t mean that there cannot be a spin-off of the show. A spin-off is one of the perks of complex shows like ‘Dark’. Shows with such a complex plot come with the advantage of creativity. The writer can always add new stuff to the content. Therefore, it can run for as long as the writer wants it to. Well, of course, if the network allows for it.

A potential character to go within the spin-off series can be Ulrich Nielsen. He has observed the events of the show very closely and has been present in several significant places. Moreover, his own story is also quite interesting as he is one of the characters who has suffered the most.

He is not only present in just one timeline but in multiples of them. So that makes him a trusted source too. However, you might think about what can he tell about that the show hasn’t already told us. Well, what about the time before all of this started.

The spin-off can be a prequel to the show, set in even previous time-period than shown in the series. It might help us get a better understanding of the whole event from a third person’s point of view. Then again it is just an expectation, Netflix hasn’t confirmed it yet.

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