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Dark Season 3: The Darkest Season Is Here! June 2020 Mark The Date

Dark. The best thriller on Netflix and not just according to me. This show has opened our eyes toward different concepts and repercussions of time travel. The seasons of the show since 2017 have been quite a hit on the streaming service. The show is also a brilliant example of complicated inter-relations that you might find a bit complicated to understand.

When will the next season release?

The filming of the show began in June 2019 and since then the creators have hinted on a 2020 release. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the fans believe that it might be released on June 27th 2020. It is so believed because of it coinciding with the date of apocalypse and thus, beginning of the last cycle. However, there are chances that the release date turns out not to be 27th June and instead is postponed due to the disruption in production since March 2020.

Well, we can be sure of the June release if Netflix releases a trailer this month which by the way hasn’t been released yet.

What can be expected from the next season?

In the final scenes of the previous season, we were introduced to the characters from an alternate world. It has become even more complicated to guess anything now. However, rumours are that this one is going to be the darkest season yet, so we are expecting some mind-blowing scenes to be included. There will surely be some brain shooting revelations, it would be surprising if we get to know something new even now after such messed up timelines.

Who might be in the cast of the next season?

The cast is more or less going to be same. We might get to see a lot the newest characters from the previous season, the alternate world people. Moreover, it would be safe to assume that this season might also have some addition to the cast as the previous season.

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