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Dark: The Best Series On Netflix Ends With Season 3!

DARK created by Baran bo Odar and Jane” is a first German science fiction brain-twister web television series. Set in the counterfeit city of Winden, Germany, DARK revolves around a child’s abduction who has some secret powers inside and immense hidden connections with the past.

DARK is the first German-language web television series that has been a Netflix original series. It first premiered on Netflix on 1 December 2017. The first season was very much loved by the fans and got some huge positive reviews from the critics, who made its initial comparison to another Netflix original series “Strangers Things.” Season 2 of Dark arrived on 21 June 2019, and the third and final season came on 27 June 2020.

Dark: Will We Have A Season 4?

DARK fans are now wondering about the possibilities of Season 4, but as of now, we cannot say anything about the plans, but the last season 3 has been released, and fans are pleased to see it.

As we all know, Season 3 of the Dark was the last and final season as announced by the makers and Netflix before its release. So the chances for the arrival of Season 4 are as low as the chances of Jim Hopper dying again in Stranger Things Season 4, but as of now, no one knows about any further seasons, and we can plainly state that the makers have no plans for a new season. Although there have been rumors for a spin-off based on one of the main characters from the show, if these rumors turn right, it will be a huge surprise to see on whom the spin-off is based on.

Dark Season 3: Reviews & Ratings

The point of view characters who have continued from season 2 to season 3 ‘Hofmann’s Jonas’ is most did very well. All these things are very well managed, including the frustration levels and constant talk of the apocalypse and time loops. Whatever problem came, everything was adequately solved. It’s a straightforward sarcastic phrase, but as a viewer’s side, it is a vast thing, how do you manage anything but saving the world. The rating of DARK Season 3 is 9.4 on IMDb.

Well, the last Dark season 3 left us with a beautiful pondering note. The show is very well streaming on Netflix, and I hope you all watch it too.

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