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David Harbour Is Married To Lily Allen

David Harbour And Lily Allen
Source: Billboard

Yes. You heard it right. The singer Lily Allen and the actor David Harbour are now a married couple. Recently, some reputed media outlets had broken this news about their marriage. It is reported that the marriage ceremony was low key and it happened in Las Vegas. Lily Allen has shared numerous cute snapshots from her marriage event. In one of the pictures, it is seen that an impersonator of the famous singer Elvis Presley was also present there.

A Brief Timeline Of Lily Allen And David Harbour’s Relationship

Now as the couple is happily married, let us take a quick look at their relationship history. Many tabloids had reported it last year that Lily Allen was dating the actor David Harbour. It soon becomes the ‘talk of the town’, and it is believed that both of them were seeing each other from last summer.

Before that, the singer Lily Allen was married to Sam Cooper with whom she has two kids. Lily Allen and her former husband officially divorced in 2018. But they were separated since 2015. In 2019, as we have stated earlier, Lily Allen and David Harbour started dating and it all started from there.

On numerous occasions this year, Lily Allen was seen wearing an engagement ring in a certain finger. This led many people to believe that she and David Harbour were engaged. Although there was no official announcement from any of them but on one occasion when a fan asked Lily Allen on Instagram about this, she mischievously replied, “the first rule of engagement club is:…”. A reference to the famous monologue of the film Fight Club.

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David Harbour would continue his legendary role in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. We wish the couple a happy and prosperous married life. Stay tuned with The Buzz Paper for all the latest updates.

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