DC FanDome: How To Watch The Complete 2 Day Conclave

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Prolepsis is very high for DC’s first virtual convention DC FanDome, so, which takes place on 22/Saturday/August/2020, but the big question may be how to view DC FanDome. So, well guys, we are here to answer them to all the questions.

So, first, what exactly is DC Fandom? The observation of is basically an online-only version of San Diego Comic-Con, which is very special the upcoming DC movies and television shows feature is very high sneak peeks and previews in-depth looks at some comics, shows, archetypal characters, and more of things.

The event is completely free to use and is divided into two events. PT DC Fandom on Saturday, August 22 at 1 pm / 10 pm: The Hall of Heroes will kickoff with a 25-minute panel on much-awaited ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’ All these panels will be airing live while some of these will also be pre-recorded. This certainly means that you can be the first one to watch the new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 which will be premiering anytime around 1 pm ET.

And with the second DC Fandom event, called by DC Fandom: Explore cosmos, will release on 12 September and the event will be completely in very demand and which means that all panels show will be available at release for 24 hours, and when you want to watch it, you can pick and choose it.

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As a fan, you should be aware that after DC FanDome ends, the panels will no longer be accessible, which means that if you are willing to watch or eyeing on a curtain panel, you must watch it within the 24 hours period during which each panel will air 3 times.

The best and simplest way to grab a seat while the panels take place is dcfandome.com, which can be accessed on any mobile, tablet, or laptop with an internet connection.

The DC Fandom is also a very big worldwide phenomenon, and the video will be subtitled in different 9 types of languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

The Hall of Heroes program around 8 hours, but it will run 3 times in a row to quarter different types and time zones meaning that each panel has 2 different encores if you miss it.

_____DC FanDome: The Complete Schedule Of Panels:—-?

So does DC FanDome have panels? Below, we play the first airing of every panel for DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes. But be sure to repeatedly check the collider throughout the event for our coverage of all the major news coming out of the event.

You can also visit the official website of DC FanDome to drafted your own schedule so that you don’t miss anything about it.

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All bars below are ET.

Wonder Woman 1984 Panel___ 1:00pm – 1:25pm.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement 1:25 pm – 1:45 pm.

The Sandman Universe: Enter the Dreaming 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm.

Multiverse 101 2:15pm – 2:45pm.

Introducing Flash 2:40pm – 2:50pm.

Beyond Batman 2:50pm – 2:55pm.

The Suicide Squad 2:55 pm – 3:25 pm.

BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe 3:40 pm – 4:00 pm.

Legacy of the Bat 4:00 pm – 4:15 pm.

Chris Daughtry: Performance 4:20pm – 4:30pm.

The Joker: Put on a Happy Face 4:30 pm – 4:35 pm.

Jim Lee Portfolio Review – DC Super-Villain Fan Art 4:35 pm – 4:45 pm.

Surprise DC Comics Panel 4:45pm – 5:05pm.

I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl 5:10 pm – 5:30 pm.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League 5:30 pm – 5:55 pm.

The Flash TV Panel 5:54 pm – 6:09 pm.

Black Adam 6:10pm – 6:25pm.

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