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Dead To Me Season 3: Actors Affirms Participation! Release Date And Other Updates

Dead To Me, another one of Netflix’s high rated shows. Well, there’s a reason for its popularity, it is not just liked by the audience because it airs on Netflix. The dark comedy and the plot of the show make it interesting to watch. It has not yet been renewed for the third season, nevertheless, we are more than sure that the third season is greatly due.

To support this conjecture I would like to point at the ending of the second season. The second season of this show ended on a massive cliffhanger. Moreover, there are still many secrets to be revealed in the show. So, I guess the second season is surely not the last one.

Also, the actor James Marsden, who plays Ben on the show and earlier played the role of twin brother Steve did reveal a bit. First of all, saying about the show confirms his presence in the next season. Next, he admitted that he knows nothing about the third season yet and is just speculating like others. He did pitch some good ideas for the next season.

He said that Ben would now be grief-stricken by the news of his twin brother died. Moreover, he might have a change of heart and wouldn’t continue to be the good boy that he is. Rather he might become like his cruel twin brother. Well, that’s all speculation.

When might the third season release?

Given that the show hasn’t even been renewed, we are still waiting for the announcement. Now, as far as the release date is concerned we have no clue about that too. However, there’s one thing we are sure about and that is, the third season is not going to release until late 2021. With everything going around the world the production of shows may still take a while to resume. Thus, offering a delay in the release.

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