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Dead To Me Season 3: Steve Is Dead! Release Date And Plot Updates

Dead To Me is the next sensational show to be on Netflix. It has a fine 90% rating on rotten tomato along with the praises for acting, plot, directions, and everything else about the show. In fact, the second season was deemed to be even better than the first one. However, right now the fans are looking forward to the third season. So when will it be?

When will the third season release?

Well, Netflix hasn’t even renewed the show for the third season yet. Although it looks like there will be a third season, Netflix hasn’t said a word on that. It is actually under a wait span, that is 2 months after the release of the previous season. We might hear about the renewal updates of the show by next month.

As far as the release is concerned, we are sure that the show won’t be following its general release trend that is in May. The next season will surely be delayed a bit owing to the disruption caused in the industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. It might be released n the second half of 2021. The confirmed date will be revealed a few months prior to the release.

What will happen in the next season: Is Steve dead?

Dead to me has been full of twists and turns and Steve’s death is one amongst them. The first season had ended on a cliffhanger with Steve’s death. However, in the second season, we see his face again. It takes a few episodes to confirm that he is actually Steve’s semi-identical twin brother Ben. So ultimately it becomes clear that Steve is dead.

In the next season, although we might not see Steve, he will be mentioned for sure as the FBI is still looking for him. Perhaps they just might find about his whereabouts.

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