Deadpool 3: Happening Soon, Ryan Reynolds Confirmed

Deadpool 3
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Deadpool. We could all use some hilarious comments on X-Men through our digital screens from the mouth of the second-most popular X-Man. Well, since the first two movies, Deadpool sure has become the second most popular X-Man after Wolverine. In fact, the first Deadpool movie was the first highest-earning R-rated movie. Then it was dethroned by none other than Deadpool 2. If this still doesn’t incite the officials at Disney to make another Deadpool movie, then we just cannot help it.

Looks like, as much we are desperate for another Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds is too. Recently he responded to a fan-made poster for Deadpool 3. It clearly shows that he wants it as much as we want it.

Ryan Reynolds responded to a fan-made Deadpool 3 poster!

The post says, “We need it right now” along with mentioning Ryan Reynolds on the post. To this tweet, Ryan replied with “ditto” meaning he wants the same. However, this doesn’t mean that Deadpool has been confirmed for the 3rd movie. As we haven’t received any information from Disney we just cannot say that yet. So, what’s the deal with Disney. Why hasn’t it commissioned Deadpool for the third run?

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Is Deadpool happening?

Unfortunately, it looks like Deadpool 3 is the last thing in the mind of Disney. Since their massive deal of buying FOX, this media giant has remained silent on Deadpool. I guess they don’t have plans for it right now. Instead, they are more focused on getting done on the projects at hand. Recently they released the New Mutants movie.

The heat on the Deadpool project is so low that its creator, Rob Liefeld said that it might not happen at all, as he hasn’t been spoken to by any Marvel officials. Well, we still cannot be sure about that. However, not making another Deadpool movie in spite of it being a huge success would just be foolishness.

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