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Defending Jacob: Is Chris Evans Returning For Season 2?

Chris Evans fans are hoping to see the star return for Season 2 of Defending Jacob. The Apple TV drama was critically acclaimed and was labeled as one of the best shows of 2020.

The show is based on a book of the same name and Season 1 already covered everything that was written in the book. Therefore, a lot of questions are arising for the second season, whether the second season will arrive or not is simply one of the most asked questions because the fans are getting more and more anxious for season 2.

The web series also diverges from the original book’s ending. Instead of wrapping things up, the show writer and the author Mark Bombach and director Morton Tyldam left it with Cliffhanger.

This was not what fans expected because they wanted some solid answers. But in the end, the audience provoked the audience for more. As reported, Apple TV has no plans to revive the show for a second season currently.

But there is a rumor spreading around the edges of the internet that the run is only most likely to happen if the author of the original novel provides showrunners with something different than the previous storyline. Currently, a follow-up storyline novel is not in talks.

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Some of the tabloids have reported that the show may still choose to go beyond its initial plan and follow the path of other limited TV Shows namely HBO’s Big Little bit Lies.

We are reporting everything we have came to know about the second season. Its second season can come, but we don’t have any confirmation yet. We cannot confirm anything until we get any official information about it. Till then you have to wait a little bit and just keep your hopes up and trust us. As soon as we find out more we will inform you about this show.

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