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Defending Jacob: Will Chris Evans Return For Season 2 On Apple TV+ ?

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American crime drama ‘Defending Jacob’ is based on the novel of the corresponding name by William Landay.

Defending Jacob season 1 plays out like a conventional strategy, but the primary clash evolves from the familial ailment. Chris Evans stars as Andy Barber, father of a 14-year old (Jaeden Martell as Jacob) who was blamed for murdering a classmate, Ben Rifkin.

When Andy’s wife, Laurie (Michelle Dockery), discovers that he lied about the past and that her son may indeed certainly a killer, she’s consistently doubtful about each and every discussion. However, Defending Jacob season 1 on Apple TV+ doesn’t build towards a spruce outcome, and rather target on inquisition of principle and fidelity.

The complete story of Season 1 revolves around one pivotal riddle, which is explained as the show progresses, so there’s not much extra to go on.


Though rumors about new episodes have not been affirmed by the makers, if the reported miniseries returns for another season, the new episodes would be forced to go off-script as season one ended with the story of the novel. Defending Jacob is considered a big hit for Apple TV+. Chris Evans as daddy Barber lists the show among the top three shows on Apple TV+. Still, that doesn’t offer any update on the second season coming anytime soon.

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If the second season gets green lights at Apple TV+, then it will reportedly show Andy Barber’s return embroiled in a completely new case. However, no one has confirmed the return of Chris Evans for season 2.

There are rumors that Apple TV+ might be considering to revamp Defending Jacob into an omnibus series where distinct murder suspects are “defended” by new main characters, similar to Netflix’s Black Mirror.

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