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Designated Survivor, SPOILERS For The Upcoming Show

When it was scrubbed last spring after two seasons but after finally welcoming next season recently, fans are going insane over this popular political drama series.

Now if you’ve already watched the season, you must be knowing everything about it already.

But for others, this may contain major spoilers!

*After all the political players were killed in the disastrous attack on Washington DC, Tom Kirkman decided, he wants to have the position of most powerful man in the Western world.

But when our clean, heroic figure didn’t release the recording of his opponent Cornelius Moss which proved he wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, this showed a lot about Kirkman and coming episode might expose more darkness of him!

* How awkward will it be for Isabel Pardo (Elena Tovar) working as deputy chief in the same office, where Aaron is the Vice President.

Why? Well, because she ended her relationship with Aaron after knowing he cheated on her while sleeping with Emily. But meanwhile, as all this drama was going, she realized being pregnant of Aaron’s child!

Will Isabel tell him that she’s pregnant?

* Hannah Wells (RIP) was an FBI-turned-CIA agent who helped plot a defence to infect large chunk of the American population with an engineered disease about which the scientist who helped her, Dr Eli Mays (Chukwudi Iwuji), warned that other terrorists could use the same method of assault in the future.

As Kirkman is the president, could any other disease be created and released in his presence?

* As Lorraine Zimmer was arrested to record the opponent’s phone conversations performed by Julie White was the major highlight of the season. After all, she was taken by FBI so will she accuse someone – maybe Emily, or Dontae (Benjamin Charles Watson) – to save her own life?

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