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Did Joaquin Phoenix Denied To Be A Part Of Joker 2

Joaquin Phoneix, the best ‘Joker’ of all time. Could we have a sequel of Joker with him? This is the question to which many await the answer. There’s a buzz around the net that Joaquin Phoneix has denied for the sequel of Joker. Let us analyze the information know for ourselves if it is true.

Joker part 2

In all his working years Joaquin Phoneix has never done a sequel. Maybe it changes this time. However, earlier Todd Phillips had no plans to go for a second run but seeing the movie’s success, the idea is being taken under consideration. Afterall the movie won two Oscars, it would we foolish to not make a sequel despite having a plot.

It has recently been confirmed that Joker 2 is in development. The filming hasn’t started yet but the creators are working on the script are other prerequisites. However, it isn’t confirmed yet if Joaquin will return or not.

Is Joaquin returning in the sequel?

Well, Joaquin did win an Oscar for best actor for his role in Joker. It seems just sensible if he looks forward to breaking his trend and work in the sequel. Moreover, Phoneix did like the idea of Joker 2 while they were in the production of Joker. There is a high chance of Phoneix getting involved in the production of Joker 2.

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Where might the story lead to?

As the first part was more about the transformation of Arthur into the Famous villain that is Joker. In the end, we saw Arthur in Arkham Mental hospital walking down the corridor leaving bloody footsteps behind. The sequel might explore his relations with his presumed step-brother, Bruce Wayne. Since the story of Bruce Wayne is also under development with Robert Pattinson we expect them to be seen together soon.

About Release

We do not know anything about the release date or exact plot just yet and guessing something is too much of a risk to take. We certainly can know about these soon.

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