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Disney’s Hercules Live-Action: Everything You Should Know

Disney’s Hercules
Source: FandomWire

Finally, the wait is over, Hercules has joined the trend of Disney’s live-action remake. Shang-Chi and Dave Callaham have been hired by Disney to work on the remake of the 1997 popular animation. The producers of Hercules Live-Action will be Joe and Anthony Russo, they will produce Hercules by their AGBO company.

Will Disney’s Hercules Be A Musical Live-Action?

There are no updates on whether the live-action will have songs like “The Lion King” or it will only focus on mythology, without any songs like “Mulan”. Though the Russos are also unaware of the fact whether it will be a musical or not, they are sure of one thing that it will certainly have music.

Anthony Russo told a source that they will give us a different story, they might bring some new ideas on the table, but the movie will be inspired by the original Hercules.

Disney’s Hercules: What Are The Cast Updates?

The movie has a long path to walk on, so it is difficult to give any names, as no one has been officially asked yet.

What we do know as of now is, Ariana Grande is getting a lot of support for taking the role of Megara. The main reason behind the support is the song ‘I won’t say I am in love’ which she performed during The Disney family Singalong.

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Popular choices for Hades are Jim Carrey and Jeff Goldblum. For Hercules, fans are voting for Armie Hammer and Chris Pratt. The biggest casting challenge is the roles of Muses, but as we know Disney will somehow figure it.

The names suggested by the Disney fans include Amber Riley, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae, and the rest of the Destiny’s child line up. In early June rumors were that Noah Centineo will play the role of Hercules along with Jodie Comer, who will play the role of Megara.

Disney’s Hercules: What’s The Release Date?

Thanks to the pandemic there are no updates on when the remake will start filming. Disney has issued release date slots for live-action movies in the years to come. For now, the movie is expected release in August 2022.

Disney’s Hercules: What Are The Updates About The Trailer?

The trailer releases a few days before the film, so sadly we won’t get to see the trailer before 2022.

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