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Euphoria Season 2 On HBO? Release Date And Plot Spoilers Every Fan Should Know

Euphoria Season 2,  the controversial show starring Zendaya, will return on HBO. The show portrays issues like addiction and abuse in the high schools of the present time. It is revolving around Rue, played by Zendaya, a high school girl with a severe problem of addiction. The show takes us on the journey to explore such critical issues. Although the show received some devastating criticism, alleged to promote narcotics addiction, it has a large fan base. We cannot deny this fact too. Euphoria Season 2 release date and cast, here’s everything you should know.

Release Date of Season 2?

We do not have a release date yet. However, the show has been confirmed to have a second season. Seeing the rating, it was apparent to expect one. Moreover, I have a feeling that this show is going to run for a while before coming to an end. The coming season will also have eight episodes like the last one.

About the release of season 2, we can only say that it is going to come in 2020. If the show sticks to its previous version, then it will come around June in the U.S, followed by the U.K release in August.

The show’s future looks bright. When the showrunners were asked if the coming season was an end to the show, they said, not yet. However, they did not mean it in a way like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Big Bang Theory long but still with enough to explore each character deeply.

Who will be seen in the next season?

The only confirmed cast to be known is Zendaya. She confirmed it by showing her enthusiasm on twitter after getting a call from the showrunners. However, it seems that almost the whole cast will return in the next season. Moreover, some new cast members will be recruited too. We haven’t been confirmed about the stars to be appointed yet, but at least four new members will be there. They will play the parts of four unique characters; Darian, Ray, Ami, and Sarena.

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