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Euphoria Season 2 Release Teased By Zendaya!

Euphoria Season 2
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Euphoria, the controversial yet popular show on HBO. Grabbing a nice 5.5 million viewers on the platform, the show has gotten itself another season. It was also equally appreciated by the critics as well. So, the renewal of the show was kinda inevitable. Moreover, the second season was commissioned in just a month after the show’s premiere. Then the release was soon followed by Zendaya’s confirmation of being in the next season. However, we still are no close to a release date, or are we?

When might Euphoria Season 2 release?

Well, we do not have an exact release date yet. However, back in December, HBO revealed that Euphoria will be released sometime in 2020. Now, after facing such a delay in production which has not yet been resumed, I guess that might not happen.

The production had to be stopped in March while the first table read was help on the 11th of that month. So, it appears that not much of the show has gone through production. So, that puts our hopes for a 2020 release down even further.

The Bridge Episode.

However, there’s still one thing for the Euphoria fans to be excited about. On Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 20th of August, Zendaya said that while they are looking for a way to resume production, they might have a bridge episode coming. Although she did not reveal a lot about that episode saying that it is difficult to explain in words. She did say that it would be something that requires limited people on the set so that it is safe to be there.

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The main objective of that episode is to keep the momentum of the show high. Thus, create hype for the upcoming season 2. As generally when a show takes a long gap, the momentum or the excitement for the show is lost which results in small numbers.

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