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Euphoria Season 2: Will It Release This July On HBO? Rumor Alert

One of the most popular shows of HBO, Euphoria is soon coming up with its second season. Created by Sam Levinson, the teen drama is based on the Israeli mini-series under the same title. It was first premiered on 16th June 2019 and has been into the limelight since then. The series has grabbed the attention of millions. It has not only been as a commercial success but also has been critically acclaimed.

The plot follows the messed up life of seventeen-year-old Rue, who has been a narcotics addict and has recently moved out of rehab. She is surrounded by her friends who are struggling with their problems such as anger issues, physical insecurities, body-consciousness, adjustment and social acceptance.

As they are battling against their day to day problems and trying hard to make something out of their future, the series harnesses the teenage life full of anxiety-ridden life and hard parties with openness and empathy.

Is There A Release Date Yet For Season 2?

There have been no announcements regarding the release date of Season 2. The first season was released in June 2019, but it seems that same release schedule shall not be followed this year. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, the nationwide lockdown has been declared.

All productions and release schedules have been put on hold until the government restrains the order of social distancing. The filming for the upcoming season was supposed to start from the second quarter of 2020. But due to the current state of the situation, the filming has been delayed for some time.

We can assume that like rest other shows; we may be able to catch a glimpse of Season 2 in early 2021 although nothing can be said with surety unless everything is resumed back to normalcy. We hope to get further updates soon and until then stay tuned!

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