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Euphoria Season 2, Zendaya Leaks At Sequel, Take A Details

Euphoria Season 2
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Euphoria, the teen drama starring Zendaya, dealing with issues like narcotics, physical relations, and violence. The show was an instant hit the moment it released on HBO. Now the prime focus of such shows is Generation Z, so when it was released back in 2019 the main audience had to be them. Well, we all know what enthusiasm this generation holds, hence the fans of this show are eager to know about the upcoming second season. However, the show has also been subject to controversy, though it shall not affect its release by a lot.

Zendaya’s take on the second season.

As soon as she got a call from the production team, she couldn’t wait to announce it on her social media page. In the previous season, the viewers were left with the concern that she might be dead, well looks like she is very much alive.

Further, there are several characters to join the cast. There’s Darian, a seventeen-year-old boy probably dealing with addiction issues and definitely not the cool kid in class.

Next, there’s Ray, another seventeen years old and a complete opposite of Darian. Then there’s Ami, around 20 years old junkie, a stripper with no idea of how to understand the room and can make a bad situation worse.

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Lastly, we will have Serena, a 50-year-old bold woman. However, the cast for these characters hasn’t been announced yet. Though Kelvin Harrison Jr. has been called for a role, it is unclear what role will he play.

When will the show release?

Well, the second season was announced even before the first one had finished airing. So, we expected it to arrive around the same time this year. Unfortunately, the production had to be stopped amid coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it is unclear as to when could the filming resume. However, as per updates, the filming might begin later this year.

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