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Euphoria: Waiting For Season 2? Here Are 3 Similar TV Shows You Can Watch Until The Release

Euphoria Season 2
Source: Deadline

Euphoria is among the hotshot teenage television series. When the debut season of Euphoria was released last year it had created quite a buzz among the audience. This teen drama is Sam Levinson and it premiered on HBO. Euphoria is loosely based on an Israeli series of the same name.

The story of this teen drama revolves around a group of teenagers and their struggle with narcotics-related problems. Although this series is not just about the ‘narcotics-related issues’ love, friendship, adulthood have also played a significant role in the story. Overall, Season 1 of Euphoria was successful, commercially as well as critically.

Euphoria has been renewed for Season 2 last year just after the release of debut season but it is not going to come out this year as the COVID-19 pandemic has halted the production. So we have compiled a list of three similar television series for you to watch until Season 2 of Euphoria comes out.

1. Recovery Road

Recovery Road is the closest television series to Euphoria in similarity as its storyline also has its share of addiction and the struggle of coming out of it. Only one season of Recovery Road has come out so far that too in 2016. But it is worth watching.

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2. Elite

Elite is one of the most popular teenage Spanish series on Netflix. Created by Carlos Monte and DarĂ­o Madrona, this thriller teen drama has also explored the ‘coming to age’ themes, i.e., love, friendship, narcotics, relationship. Debuted in 2018, Elite is surely that kind of series which you should watch if you have loved Euphoria.

3. 13 Reasons Why

This is one of the web series that does not need any introduction. 13 Reasons Why has amalgamated various genres but teen drama could be called its main or defining theme. And things like love, addiction, friendship have also its considerable share in the storyline.

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