Extraction 2: When Will The Sequel Release On Netflix?

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Extraction is an American thriller action film. The series is crafted by Sam Hargrave. The series is based on a book named” Ciudad” written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Fernando León González, Anthony Russo, and Eric Skillman.


Joe Russo announced that he is starting to write Extraction 2, although it’s still in the “starting stages of what the story can be”. We can’t say anything about it now. The movie ends on a cliffhanger that leaves fan unclear about if Tyler Rake survived or not. Tyler Rake was wounded during the final battle. He was shot several times, especially the neck shot made him fall from the bridge.

After that, it shows eight months gap where someone watching Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) when he was swimming and the movie ended there before we get any identification over who it was, but the viewers are assuming that it certainly could be Tyler Rake.

In the original script and the director’s mind, Tyler didn’t survive but we have to see now how they will unwrap the sequel after this much love by the viewers.

We can also assume that Extraction 2 could either be a conventional sequel or a prequel about the previous missions of Tyler Rake.


It is expected that Hemsworth will return as Tyler Rake. It is said that Hemsworth will be in the crew list of extraction 2 with series creator Sam Hargrave, but there deal won’t be approved by Netflix till they are not ready with a complete script. So, it is not official he would return or not. It will be heartbreaking if he would not return.

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  • Tyler Rake played by Chris Hemsworth
  • Nik khan played by Golshifteh Farahani
  • Gaetan played by Sam Hargrave

If the movie continues from where it ends we can also see Rudraksha Jaiswal who played the role of Ovi Mahajan.


There is no official announcement about the starting date of a sequel as it is still in the writing phase.

So it’s hard to say when an Extraction sequel will be released on Netflix. The current global situation is not good because of the coronavirus situation, but we can say that Netflix could try to stick to a similar release date that worked well for the first movie.

This is just speculation at the moment though and we will only confirm it when the production will start.


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