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Extraction Sequel Updates, Part 2 Still In Writings

Extraction 2
Source: The Indian Express

Extraction is an American origin movie, which is crafted by Sam Hargrave. The story is written by Joe Russo. The first installment of Extraction released on 24th April.

The story of this movie is based on the novel Ciudad by Joe Russo, Ande Parks, and Fernando León González.


It is in the news of the Extraction sequel to be written. Joe Russo has said that they are in the growing phase of what the story of extraction sequel could be. He is a duo who had been one of the producers of the first film.

The enterprise which is of both the brother’s Joe Russo and his brother Anthony named AGBO is getting all the things all together back into the pieces of the think about what is needed to be done with the next Extraction sequel to put on the platform.

The first director of Extraction Sam Hargrave wants to come back to his direction of the film’s sequel alongside Actor Chris Hemsworth, who has not to date made any deal for its role as Tyler Rake. Will the stars of this film come together, whereas it seems unlikely with Chris Hemsworth, the Avengers actor would put down healthy fees to return in the sequel of the film.

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With all the exhausting bloody way, with the killings and fights to escort a kidnapped little boy to get him to its safety. Where Chris Hemsworth had in its last scenes to have his role to be left for dead on that bridge of the last scene. As wounded Tyler Rake eventually falls to his could be death into the water of the river by the bridge.

It is the final scene of all over the film where the audience is having a question where a man standing in someplace far which could be, Rake, so he could probably be alive.

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