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Facebook Puts A Stop On ‘Storm Area 51’ Event

Weeks ago, a facebook event named ‘Storm Area 51 – They Can’t Stop Us All’ went viral in every single corner of the globe. The objective of this event was to invade and trespass US Military’s ultra-secretive military base ‘Area 51’ which at times has been linked to alien activities.

A Facebook group had called for the event “Storm Area 51” under the motto “You can not stop us all,” planned to storm the US base together with all participants on 20 September 2019. The US Army found the plan a little funny and threatened with action if anyone tried to enter the heavily secured terrain.

Facebook has now finally put an end to the inappropriate action and has deleted the event from Facebook. The link to the event is currently going nowhere. This is justified by Facebook so that the event violates the guidelines of Facebook.

At least that’s the message from Facebook to the organizer, Matty Roberts.

Specifically, it refers to a violation of the “Community Standard” of Facebook, so the so-called community standards on Facebook. There had been multiple violations of this, which is why the whole event had to be disconnected from the network.

Roberts reported to several news media agencies that he did not receive a more precise explanation from Facebook about the cancellation of the event. Recently, over 3 million Facebook users have registered for the “storm on Area 51”. He then tried to create a new event with the same content, which was then immediately deleted from Facebook again.

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Finally, he also tried to create the event of an “Area 51” festival a little further away from the Area 51 area on Facebook, but even this event was deleted immediately. Probably because the festival was supposed to take place on the 20th of September, the day on which the storm on Area 51 had been initially planned. Roberts is disappointed by Facebook, because all attempts to get in touch with the social network, have failed so far.

The “Storm Area 51” action was announced from the beginning as a “fun activity.” It was unclear anyway how many Facebook users would have come to the venue of the event. The meeting should have begun at the Area 51 Visitor Center. The US military had stated that the US Air Force would use the site for testing and training. Any attempt to enter the site illegally is “dangerous.” Where the “dangerous” is not explained in detail.


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