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Fact Check: Coronavirus Doesn’t Survive In Hot Temperature? Breakdown Of The Viral Rumor

Claim: Coronavirus dies at hot temperatures

Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, rumors, and fake news have been shared repeatedly through social media and messaging services, along with potential domestic resources and homemade remedies. For example, a generalized text states that coronavirus “dies at a temperature of 26 to 27 degrees.”

Ignorant internet users claim that coronavirus has a thermal resistance and therefore, does not hold a temperature of 26 degrees or above. However, the fact is that the coronavirus can withstand significantly higher temperatures. The core temperature of almost all humans is more than 35 ° C. If Saras-Cove-2 actually died at less than 30 ° C, the pathogen would not be viable in the human body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also clarifies that coronaviruses can also be spread in warm countries with high humidity. Researchers are currently investigating how low outside temperatures can be caused by outbreaks of coronavirus. Even in countries with temperatures currently above 27 degrees – such as Malaysia – several new infections with coronavirus have been reported.

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What is the effect of weather on coronavirus distribution?

The effect of weather on coronaviruses has also been discussed several times in the last few days and weeks. It is not yet clear what effect UV radiation actually has on Sars-CoV-2. In this context, virologist Christian Drostan recently stated that the latest studies currently conducted show that the weather has little or no effect on coronaviruses and is at risk of infection. You should not weigh yourself safely because the temperature is high.

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Result: Fake

Claimed By: Many social media users

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