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Fact Check: Coronavirus Medicine Is In An Intermediate Indian Zoology Book? Scientists Made A Huge Mistake?

Claim: Coronavirus is not a new disease, its medicine is in an intermediate Indian zoology book

Covid-19 or Coronavirus, a recent disaster that the world is facing is responsible for over 12,000 deaths worldwide, while doctors around the world still struggle to find the right cure and vaccine to treat people.

Parallel to the number of coronavirus rumors and cases, a recent viral post on the Internet claimed that “coronavirus is not a new disease, and its drug is given on page number 1072 of the Zoology online textbook, ‘AADHUNIK JANTU VIGYAN. “Dr. Written by Ramesh Gupta.”

The post states, “Sometimes doctors and scientists don’t pay attention to books by famous authors rather than big names and that’s what happened here.”

The book everyone is talking about gives information about the treatment of widespread life-threatening viruses, according to the book, ASPIRIN, ANTI-HISTAMINES, and NASAL-SPRAY should be used to treat the disease.


Do not use the medicine without the advice of doctors and avoid such rumors.

While experts say the real name of the disease is Kovid-19, not coronavirus. Coronavirus is a class of virus that contains the Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is found exclusively in bats and infects other animals.

We advise you to fall with such rumors and fake posts on social media and seek the help of experts for any emergency.

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Result: Fake

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