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Fact Check: Is Coronavirus Airborne? Can The Virus Spread Through Air?

Source: Odisha Bytes

As we were thinking that only direct contact might infect us from the virus, let’s dig deep into this and find out more!

We all are very aware of this global pandemic which continues to wreak havoc to literally every part of the world. There is an estimation of about more than 12 million people getting affected by this COVID-19 virus.

So what do scientists have to say about this?

According to some recent reports it was published that more than 200 scientists from all over the world have claimed that this virus may infect people by blooming through the air into smaller droplets.

Well yes, even the World Health Organisation is trying to maintain a novel spread of coronavirus from one person to another through social distancing as the large droplets can easily be expelled from the mouth or nose of the infected person and may contaminate the surroundings also. The virus not only can infect directly but stick to the surfaces and contaminate the people coming in contact with them.

More updates about the disease!

The health care agencies and departments have also highlighted that this airborne transmission of the virus can lead to a generation of aerosols which are very small 5-micron particles and they may remain suspended for half an hour in the air leading to settling on the surfaces.

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Though there is no confirmation of the smaller particles getting in held by humans and causing problems but it is advised to remain in areas having cross ventilation or proper ventilation and ignoring the close setting places.


We’ve checked the fact and hence, there are no official guidelines for confirmation from any higher authorities but all we can recommend to you, people, is stay calm, stay healthy, stay inside your homes, and stay safe of course.

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