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Fact Check: Is Coronavirus ‘Alcohol Sensitive’? Will Consumption Of Alcohol Save You From Being Infected?

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In the middle of the coronavirus crisis, people only want one thing: an end to the pandemic. Now a corona myth haunts society that promises healing and protection. Alcohol as a cure for Covid-19. Can that be right?

What People Says:

As coronavirus spreads over the whole world, parallelly rumors and myths about its cure have been increasing with light speed. A recent viral post over the internet claims that Alcohol prevents coronavirus and its consumption can save us from getting infected. The supposedly logical conclusion of some citizens: If I drink alcohol, I do not fall ill with Covid-19. But is that true?

What Science Says:

When we drink alcohol, it ends up in the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract and not deep in the lungs and in the Respiratory tract in which the coronavirus is located, so the assumption that you can protect yourself from infection by drinking high-proof alcohol is wrong.

But that’s not all. Those who drink alcohol these days are even more vulnerable to the coronavirus, because “alcohol weakens the immune system, hinders recovery and does not make acutely ill people healthier.”

But Alcohol Sanitisers Kill The Virus?

It is true that viruses that are on surfaces such as hands or small areas can be rendered harmless with alcohol. And unlike some other viruses and pathogens, the coronavirus is not particularly demanding. In order to kill the coronavirus, however, not only an alcoholic solution that is sprayed on is required, but also a certain amount of pressure. 


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It should be noted: that alcohol helping against corona is a real crazy idea! The only thing that currently really protects against Sars CoV-2 infection is to stay at home. Not only for the sake of your own health but also to protect the risk groups, older and sick people, from the coronavirus.

Fact Check: FAKE

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