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Fact Check: Ramayan Surpasses Game Of Thrones And Big Bang Theory To Become Highest Watched Series In The World?

Claim: Ramayan Surpasses Game Of Thrones and The Big Band Theory To Become Highest Watched Series In The World.

Let us put a critical eye on this fact and see for ourselves if it is true. On 2nd of May DD national tweeted that ‘Ramayan’ has become the most-watched television series in the world with 7.7 crore Or 77 Million viewers worldwide on 16th of April. The rerun of the 33-year-old television show made it to the world records.

It is less likely that DD national, the first channel of India would put up a fake number of viewers. Therefore, it has to be true that the number of viewers on that show was 77 million. However, to give it a title of most-watched series, we’ll have to compare it with some of the known ones.

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This claim has even be supported by a renowned Newspaper of India: The Hindu.

This only proves the relevance of the claim and points at this being true.

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However, to see if the show has really become the world’s most-watched television show we will have to compare it with the previous record holder. That is none other than Game Of Thrones. With about 27 million viewers at highest, as claimed by HBO, the series ranked number one in the list of most-watched until now. Well, 27 million is, of course, less than 77 million. That, in fact, turns out to be true.

Moreover, there seems to be no reason to fake the viewership of Ramayan and precisely to be 77 million. I mean even if it was a hoax to be the top viewed, it could have just said a million or two more than the previous record holder. Instead, it says 77 million that is way more than the previous one.

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Although it is the most-watched television series, it is still not the most viewed television broadcast. That record is safe with about a billion viewers.


So, Does Ramayan Hold The Record For Most-Watched Television Series? Well, by the facts and the looks of it, we can say that it is true.

Fact: Ramayan Surpasses GOT

Result: True

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