Fantastic Beasts 3: Is Johnny Depp Dropped From The Third Installment? Here’s What We Know

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Fantastic Beasts 3: Is Johnny Depp Dropped From The Third Installment??

Actor Dan Fogler is already in London for rehearsals and reveals some details about this new installment of the saga. Within a week, the science fiction show Dan Fogler Paris, the great meeting with Hollywood Reporter, which will be held on March 7 and 8, 2020 in Port de Versailles. Jacob Kowalski’s interpretation of Fantastic Beasts will be one of the exceptional guests of this 29th edition.

The actor confirms in the process that the production will take the direction of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. So where will Jacob Kowalski be located in this new chapter? The good tycoon will play a new leadership role with Norbert and Dumbledore: “All I can say is that I will be filming for a long time … so … (laughs).” Inevitably, Jacob will seek to find his beloved and gentle queen, who leaves him at the end of Grindelwald’s crimes, to join the dark wizard embodied by Johnny Depp. “The story of Jacob and the Queen and their difficulties has seduced many. Many fans want to meet … they too, I think.

“I recently took my children to Disneyland Paris. I had never been to a Disney park in the United States. They had a lot of fun. And now we are in London, I am only 2 hours by train from Paris, so I think I will come quite frequently in the coming months. ”

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Yes, Dan Fogler is currently in the entire channel, not for tourism. For a few days, he has been working on the third part of Norbert Dragan’s adventures: “I am in London for fantastic animals 3. We will start filming in a few weeks. We start rehearsals. In total, we have six months of filming,” Fogler explains.

Dan Fogler would say nothing more about the future of their romance. We will have to wait until November 12, 2021, at the cinema to see how his story ends. The actor will make a series of films throughout the year.

And for good reason, for two years, he was involved in the distribution of a successful zombie series: “I finished filming season 10 of The Walking Dead last November. Then I could do another job, take vacations and now shoot animals. fantastic 3. And then I would continue filming during the summer in The Walking Dead if everything goes well”.

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