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Fitbit’s Versa Is A Strong Opponent For Apple Watch

After Apple and Xiaomi occupied the poles of smartwatches and smart bracelets respectively, the smart-wearing Fitbit was not as comfortable as before. As of the fourth quarter of 2018, Fitbit took second place in the global smartwatch market with a market share of 12.2%.

The success of Apple Watch is the insurmountable mountain of Fitbit. If the previous products can’t beat Apple Watch, Fitbit will try to take the road of “teaching skills and making fruits”. Versa is the product that Fitbit imitated Apple Watch last year.

Versa is currently the best of Fitbit’s products, and it’s also the most like Apple Watch, but at the same time, there are still a lot of aspects behind Apple Watch. Recently, the famous breaking person @Evan Blass released the news of Fitbit’s next-generation Versa. In addition to the more elegant design, there are AMOLED screens and Amazon Alexa’s blessing.

Switching from LCD to AMOLED screen is a significant improvement for Fitbit Versa. The black screen can be integrated into the frame, AMOLED will bring more beautiful colors and display, and the bottom Fitbit logo is also removed. The entire dial section is more refined and beautiful than ever.

The further enhancement of the design of the face value is the 2.5D glass application and the updated case design, which makes the Fitbit Versa look more like the Apple Watch. Although the border looks much thicker than the Apple Watch, it is undeniable that Fitbit is here. In the past two years, it has improved a lot.

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The buttons on the new Versa have also been streamlined. The original three buttons have been streamlined to one, which is theoretically easier to use, but how to carry more interactions with one button is still a problem because the Apple Watch has a rotatable and pressable The lower crown, and on the Versa is just a normal button.

It’s also worth noting that the new Fitbit Versa will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. For wearables, a truly available voice assistant feature will simplify many complex operations, and Alexa is also in Siri and Google Assistant. The best choice outside.

The rest is roughly the same as the previous Versa, including Fitbit’s PurePluse heart rate sensor and more. In addition, cable-inductive charging is available to support Fitbit Pay and 5ATM level water resistance.

However, the previous generation is very sorry that the GPS module that is not equipped is still not confirmed in the new Versa. If the function continues to be absent, it may still affect many subsequent sports experiences.

Although Fitbit has not officially announced the new Versa, since the configuration and high-precision renderings have flowed out, it is conceivable that Fitbit should officially launch this new product soon. If this product is as popular as Fitbit’s imagination, this may help Fitbit to sit in the second position, after all, the front Apple sits firmly in the top spot, and the Samsung behind it is also eyeing.

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