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Fortnite Star Wars Event: How And What Time To Watch It? Where To Find The Risky Reels? Location Revealed

The big event will take place at Fortnite on Saturday, December 14 and you definitely won’t want to miss out. Below are the details about the mega Star Wars and Fortnite crossover event, its timings and something you should know about the Risky Reels!

Epic Games and Star Wars team up to make this event available to Fortnite players. Only inside the game, you can watch a clip of the new movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It is believed that this is the only time the clip will be shown outside the movie and will not appear in the preview, so if you play Fortnite you definitely want to participate in it.


The big event is on Saturday, December 14 from 2 pm.

But you should not wait until 2 pm to show. According to Epic Games, “Doors” will open at 1:30 in the afternoon. This (12:30 p.m. M. Media / 10:30 p.m. M. Pacific) on Saturday, December 14 (30 minutes before the actual time begins).

And here’s a hint: don’t wait until the last minute for the event, or you may not see the movie clip. A Redditor wrote: “I recommend (show) 10 or 12 minutes, the last time people got it wrong because they joined 5 years ago.”

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This event should be visible if it is on a mobile device, PC or console. According to players who have participated in other special events, Epic will remove all playlists and issue a special playlist for this event. When the doors open, you will not be able to use weapons.

The actual location of the event is the Risky Reels Landmark. To get the risky reels (which we now have in Chapter 2, in a different location), go west of Mania Farm. Risky Reels is a movie theater north of the central island. It is basically in the center of the map according to PC Gamer. They also point out that there is a bright blue light on the map where the risk reels are located, so it is very easy to find.

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