Fortnite: Why Apple And Google Have Boycotted The Famous Game?

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Both Apple and Google have indeed abandoned Fortnite from their app stores for considering their own in an app payment system that crosses the 30 percent fee for both companies.


As stated earlier, Google and Apple, have already boycotted Epic Games from its respective store, therefore, as the reaction to this, the Epic team has reached a civil court of law for removing their game from the companies app store.


Fortnite, one of the very popular games once available on Google Play Store, will not be seen now. Due to this, people are in many thoughts as to figure out the reason behind this removal.

Well, do not worry dear readers, we are here with the latest updates about the very happenings.

The game suffered from a disagreement over in-app purchases and fees. Therefore, because of this, Fortnite would lose 30 percent of the money made through the in-app purchases made through the Google Play Store, compared to games downloaded directly from Epic Games.


Tim Sweeney, The CEO of Fortnite, has declared to denounce Apple and Google, for showing an unapproved and complete consortium on their respective app stores. He also condemned the leading companies by 30% cut on in-app purchases and transactions.

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During an interview, Sweeney stated that “Apple has shut down and paralyzed the ecosystem by inventing absolute ownership on the distribution of software, on the fabrication of software”.

Well, we hope the epic team gets justice for all the losses they have been to. Also, it would be much great for him if both the companies forget these issues and reconcile together and get back to their normal livings. Till then, let’s hope for the best. For more updates do read us.

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