Friends: 5 Times Phoebe Was A Better Than Joey At Flirting


Phoebe Buffay was rarely dull. The main cast’s most offbeat character frequently bewildered her Friends and fans. Peculiar, capricious, and exceptional are for the most part words that can be utilized to portray Phoebe Buffay. In any case, it’s those attributes that helped make her numerous individuals’ preferred character on Friends and are the reason she is so unbelievably darling from our favorite sitcom.

Phoebe Buffay was without a doubt a smooth-talker, regardless of approaching this in her own peculiar manner. She wasn’t as plain about being a tease as somebody like Joey Tribbiani, however, Phoebe was smooth and enchanting in any case.
So here is the list of few highlighted moments where Phoebe was found better than Joey in flirting

The episode where Phoebe says, “Is it true that you were Planning On Kissing Me, Ever?”

Phoebe met what we know as her first genuine love of life in the tenth episode of season 1, “The One With The Monkey”. David would in the long run move to Minsk to seek after his profession as a researcher, however, he positively established a connection with both Phoebe and the entire series in general.

Phoebe and David hit it off immediately, and she burned through no time utilizing one of her marks smooth conversation starters on him, when she calmly asked him, “Were you anticipating kissing me, ever?”.

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“Oh, Hello, Mr. Bicep.”

At the point when Rachel and Phoebe get some answers concerning Monica and Chandler’s mystery relationship in season 5, an opposition of sorts results among them. Phoebe and Rachel utilize inventive strategies trying to get Chandler to spill the beans that they definitely know, while Monica’s notorious serious streak makes her constrain Chandler into holding his ground to the extent that this would be possible. Before Chandler, at last, concedes that he’s in love with Monica, Phoebe plays with him steadily, trying to utilize her smooth-talking flirting ability to break him. Touching his arm, Phoebe cleverly remarks, “oh hello, Mr. Bicep”

“You Should Hear My Phone Number.”

The fourth episode of season 7 was titled “The One With Rachel’s Assistant”, wherein the series presented youthful and enchanting Tag Jones. The character, played by Eddie Cahill, would show up in seven episodes of the arrangement altogether.

Phoebe met Tag in the previously mentioned scene and typically established a significant connection with him. Rachel presented them, and Tag remarked, “Phoebe – that is an extraordinary name”, to which Phoebe reacts, “You like that? You ought to hear my telephone number”.

 When she says, “He May Not Be My Soulmate But A Girl’s Gotta Eat.”

In season 8, “The One Where Joey Tells Rachel”, Phoebe accepts that she’s met Monica’s perfect partner, a British man named Don, who “works with food”. Sadly, Phoebe presents Don and Monica.

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Nothing occurs between them, obviously, and Phoebe keeps on dating Don, which Chandler questions and Phoebe answers, “he may not be my perfect partner, yet a young lady gotta eat”.

 When she pulls Ross”s leg by saying, “Where’s My Strong Ross Skywalker To Come And Rescue Me?”

In the season 3 debut of Friends, titled “The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy”, it’s uncovered that Ross has a Princess Leia dream, something that quite cracks Rachel out. She trusts in Phoebe, who asserts it’s typical and “each person has it”.

This doesn’t prevent Phoebe from divertingly prodding Ross, jokingly playing with him and saying, “where’s my solid Ross Skywalker to come and salvage me?”.


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