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Friends Reunion: Filming Will Start Despite Coronavirus! Here’s When It Will Release On HBO

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The reunion special episode has been delayed. When will it be shot? When will it be released? Is it going to happen virtually? What might happen in that episode? I know you might have all such questions in your mind but do not worry, all of them will be answered here. Just keep reading.

When Will The Reunion Episode Be Filmed?

Initially, the episode was scheduled to be shot on 23rd and 24th of March but then the global pandemic happened and closed down all production work. Now it has been planned to be filmed by the end of summer this year, said the Warner Media Entertainment and Direct to consumer chairman, Bob Greenblatt. However, it is still not sure and chances are that it might happen virtually.

Is It Going to Happen Virtually?

It is less likely but still, there are chances that the reunion happens virtually in 6 boxes on a screen. Honestly, it would not be that fun to watch especially without the live audience. However, the officials prefer the live episode and not the virtual one but if conditions do not support then they might have to do it virtually.

When Might the special episode release?

There has been no word on the release but it sure not to be released on 27th of May. As it is expected to be shot by the end of summer. The release date has chances to be set in the Month of October or perhaps November. Well, it will be the case if the pandemic stops before that. We can hope for that to happen.

What is the Reunion Episode going to be about?

If you expect that it is going to be about an extension to the plot of the show then my friend, your expectation has to stop right here. In the reunion, the cast of the show is going to sit in the coffee house and talk about the show and their experience, with each other just like the old times.

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