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Friends Reunion: Has HBO Max Dropped A Release Date?

The much-awaited Friends reunion that was supposed to be premiered on HBO Max has been delayed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Because of such a situation, no release date has been confirmed yet.

According to reports the unscripted special episode was supposed to be filmed in mid-March but has been postponed until May. The filming was supposed to be done at Stage 24 of Warner Bros., the iconic and former location of Friends. If the current situation is unable to get controlled, then the production shall be cancelled for a few months.

Release schedules of many shows and movies have been cancelled or have been delayed until August. Now in this self-quarantine and locked down mode, CDC’s recent suggestion is to social distance from people and avoid social gatherings of more than 20 people. Undoubtedly in the case of Friends, the set would be filled with people covering more than 100. HBO Max hasn’t commented anything regarding the current scenario.

All six lead actors, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc and David Schwimmer along with the creators of the series, David Crane and Martha Kauffman will be appearing together in a special episode on HBO Max, that would be stretched for over an hour. Each lead actor is supposed to get paid 3-4 million range for appearing in the reunion.

Last time when all the six actors were seen together, under one frame, was in 2004. Fans had been longing to see all six of them together. In previous interviews also,  either of them used to be absent due to their shooting schedules.

The show has entertained viewers over generations. It is one of the best shows of all time and in no way fans are going to miss this reunion. Until now, the release date has been fixed in May and if everything is going on well then soon we will get to see them together. Till then, stay tuned!

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