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Friends Reunion: Matthew Perry Was In Love With This ‘Spoiler’ Actor From The Show! Throwback!

FRIENDS reunion is on its way although a little delayed. All of us excited to see what memories do that 1-hour special episode bring back.

[CAUTION: Might have spoilers ahead]

It is known that it is not going to be an extension to the plot of Friends rather it would be more of chit-chat between the 6 of them. Most probably they will talk about the show in a way that their characters would have. It might even bring back some old feelings between the cast member especially between Chandler and Monica.

Was Matthew Perry In Love With Courtney Cox?

Monica and Chandler have been a major plot point of the show FRIENDS. It started with a drunk decision and ended in making them parents of two beautiful twins. An unknown but trusted source told Us Weekly that Matthew Perry was in love with co-star Courtney Cox. Well, that might come as a shock to you, well, it was surprising for me.

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Their dating rumours have always been there and they in fact did date each other for a brief period of time when Courtney and Johnny McDaid took a brief split. They have always been good friends. Courtney did call him after Johnny left her, they have leaned on each other before. So it is no surprise that Matthew had feelings for her.

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However, he could never totally get over her and also could never be with her. Since there dating rumours, the two have moved on with their life. Cox having a 15-year-old daughter with Arquette and his other boyfriends. Meanwhile, Matthew dating and breaking up with Lizzy Caplan. Matthew might not show it but he still might have got feelings for Courtney. However, be it unrequited love or not, the two have always been good friends.

We can get to hear more about it on the special episode, which by the way has been postponed, not known until when.

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