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Friends Reunion Might Be Postponed Until 2021! Deets Inside

Friends Reunion Might Be Postponed Until May 2021

The highly anticipated Friends reunion has been delayed by HBO Max is due to the COVID-19 outbreak and said to be postponed until May 2021. According to the sources, it’s come insight that Filming won’t take place until next May as Variety talk about the project on Friday.

News of the delay comes to the knowledge after hours as executives from Fulwell 73. The production company putting together the HBO Max special to start shooting in two weeks. According to the source, the team had been slated to film in August but it is not confirmed to complete and for now, it is pushed to May in 2021.

The latest delay news due to Coronavirus outbreak can disappoint Friends fans, as the fans saw a light of hope for the reunion.

Leo Pearlman who is a partner at Fulwell 73 and producing the reunion special, said that he was very excited to start filming in the coming next two weeks, on Friday. They are saying that the insider is now finding the date for the shoot, as it is yet to be confirmed.

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For original, the HBO Max special was supposed to air in May but the filming of Friends hadn’t even started. Producers are setting their sites in August or in September, as they are assuming that there would be no case of coronavirus.

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Jennifer Aniston said in a statement on Friday that it is very sad to know that they had to move it forward again.

And added that it was difficult to do with the live audiences as this is not a safe time period to do it.

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