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Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life Season 2? Renewed Or Cancelled?

Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life Season 2
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The reboot of the CW / the WB’s Gilmore girl which aired between 2000 and 2007, is being loved by all and its viewers are waiting for an update about its season 2 release date.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Not?

There are no new updates about season 2 yet, although an update of IMBD suggested that there might be a Season 2 of Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life, nobody can really say whether this news is true or not.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life was Netflix reboot that released in 2016, the series continues the story of the original web series, Gilmore girls which had 7 seasons and were aired between the year 2000 and 2007. While the series is meant to be a small series, rumors say that it will have more seasons.

Recently new rumors spread saying that there will be a season 2 in November 2020.

Where are these rumors coming from?

These rumors are coming from basically 2 sites, one is a fake news website which posts things which are not even true, and another source of the rumor updated a listed season 2 of Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life and attached November 2020 to it.

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger but still, it is hard to say whether there will be a season 2 or not. Don’t get disappointed as there is still a possibility.

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Warner Brothers, the company behind the show has now its own streaming services, so who knows maybe they might get interested in making a reboot or Netflix gets interested in making a season 2.

Let’s hope for the best and not get disappointed as there are no sure updates on season 2.

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