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Girl On The Third Floor: Is It Really Disturbing The Viewers

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Girl On The Third Floor, Netflix’s psychological horror movie. One of the scariest movies acclaimed by some viewers has gone viral. It has a lot of gruesome scenes that have creeped the viewers out. Released on 25th October 2019, the film has now got the attention needed.

The plot of Girl On The Third Floor.

A disturbed lawyer Don, buys a house in the suburbs in order to start a new life for himself and his pregnant wife, Liz. On moving into the house ahead on his wife for the purpose of renovating it, Don is warned by his neighbor about the house. However, Don ignores the warning and gets on with the work.

A while later he meets his other neighbor Sarah, who seduces him and ends up sleeping with him. But Don says to Sarah that it cannot happen again. While renovating the home himself Don finds a number of supernatural indications and faces difficulties in renovating the house alone. On Liz’s advice, Don enlists the help and call his friend Milo. Milo finds Sarah and knows about the affair. Sarah hits Milo with a hammer on the face while trying to escape Milo sees another woman with a tangled face and is frightened, Sarah finishes him off.

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Later, Sarah lures cooper, Don’s dog and kills him and stuffs him into the dryer. Furious to find about it, Don kills Sarah and puts his body behind the bricks in the basement. He installs a camera to find the source of leaking blood in the house. To his horror Don finds a face giggling that disappears. He starts digging the wall and finds a living, moaning, bleeding tissue and then Milo’s head. Moving a little ahead, Don is chased by the Nymph to the attic and kills himself accidentally in order to get rid of the marble crawling underneath his skin.

A while later Don’s wife Liz comes to the house to look for Don and Cooper and get to know about everything by Ellie, a pastor in the local church. Long story short she gets rid of Sarah’s ghost and the Nymph thus, lifts the curse.

Is the Story Disturbing?

Yes of coarse any rational mind would find this plot disturbing and the gruesome scenes of the movie only add to it.  However, it is undoubtedly one of the scariest movies too. If you are fond of horror movie this must come in your top ten list.

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