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GTA 6: Leaks? Characters? And Potential Release Date By Rockstar Studios

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In the long run, once again, get ready for the exclusive arrival of the new season, GTA Season 6. Yes, you have rightly landed on the veracious place to get more info about the GTA Season 6.

As we know, GTA Season 5, is once again going to stream, so fans are much more excited about the renewal of GTA 6 now.

GTA 6, an action – adventurous, entertainment game has finally done with its shooting. Despite this fact, till now, there’s no legal news of its launch, but the viewers can soon binge this latest season on all the online platforms. Due to the release of GTA Season 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, there’s high confusion and anger built among the fans of GTA for not releasing GTA Season 6. For this, Rockstar said that they will be right back with season 6 with much of improvements and new techniques for the new season. As many big projects are undergoing right now, the fans of GTA 6 can highly expect the launch of GTA Season 6 only after the year 2022.


Observing, it seems that the GTA Season 6 is going to have a major of four main leading characters and four other members that would include two police and two side players as well.

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As the game is set over in the Vice City, Tommy Vercetti can be seen playing the role of real personality or just the leading protagonist of this new season.

Not only, Tommy, but Lazlow Jones has also been playing a great role in GTA games since the season GTA 3. At the same time, Ken Rosenburg reflecting the role of Tommy in Vice City, and all the other characters can be seen in GTA 5 and GTA 6 as well. It can be said that season 6 of Grand Theft Auto is going to be more serious for its female characters in its very new season.

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