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GTA 6 Release Updates, GTA 5 Movie In Production

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To gather all the important details of the upcoming series of GTA 6 and GTA 5 movies, here is the complete set of information regarding the upcoming projects of GTA. Therefore, let’s get on this journey.

GTA, one of the biggest raised gaming Series has been the best series till now. No one has ever tried to bring about such an immersive concept that links to a series, movie, and games also. As of now after completion of many super hit series of GTA once again, we are anxiously waiting for the upcoming project of GTA Season 6 and the upcoming movie of GTA 5’s Production.

When Is GTA 6 Going To Launch?

Actually, due to the random arrangements of the GTA series, it seems GTA has just lost its series. It was expected that if the series would have got renewed back in 2018 with the renewal of Death Redemption Season 2, then considering the complete leap of 22 months, it was expected that the series would launch in 2020 but till now it didn’t happen the way we wanted it to be.

As till now, there are no updates if GTA has begun its filming for its upcoming project Season 6, one thing is expected that the series can be seen releasing by end of 2021 or early 2021.

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Any Details About The GTA 5 Movie Production?

Well, still the GTA head Rockstar is not releasing any evident details about its GTA 5 movie. If the situation gets healed in the coming days, then we can expect the movie too soon for its production. As of now, GTA is already busy to complete it’s most anticipated series shootings for Season 6.

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