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Hagrid Actor Robbie Coltrane Supports JK Rowling’s Transphobic Comments

Robbie Coltrane Supports JK Rowling
Source: Huffington Post UK

Robbie Coltrane, star of the famous show Harry Potter, defends JK Rowling against her transphobia comment. According to him, her critics are always searching for different things because of which they can get offended.

Coltrane, who was seen in Hagrid’s role in Rowling’s Potter book adaptation, Harry Potter, also stated that there is nothing to get offended by Rowling’s comment.

The Story Behind The Controversy:

In June, JK Rowling came in the news after her tweet about mensuration that was seen as “anti-trans” it was also followed by a lengthy post.

LGBT, as well as advocacy groups, found her tweet offensive. According to them, it contains inaccuracies and disturbing beliefs about the LGBT community.

According to an interview given to Radio Times, Coltrane said, ” I don’t think what she said was offensive really; today’s generation is full of people who are always waiting to get offended. They would not have won the war, would they?”

Rowling has frequently denied that her tweet has anything to do with transphobic views or the LGBT community.

Recent Updates:

On 14th September, she again comes into the news because her critics believe that “Troubled Blood,” her latest book talks about “cross-dressing serial killer.” The book features a cisgender male who murdered his victims by wearing a girl dress. Critics believe that Rowling is trying to target the LGBT community through this book, and she is demonstrating her transphobic views.

Despite the allegation and criticism, Rowling is facing; she has continuously denied that her views are against the LGBT community or transphobic thoughts. Several members of the Harry Potter cast have come forward to speak against her.

Recently, Daniel Radcliffe, who played the role of Harry Potter, states that “transgender women are women.”

As we find out more information regarding the controversy, we will update it here.

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