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Hailey Baldwin Now Wants To Be Like Rihanna, Here’s What A Fan Should Know

Why are people taking note of it?

One of the explanations for Hailey’s statement becoming a bit of story is that the once spread rumour of Justin and Rihanna. it had been a hoax though. However, people like to connect celebrities controversially.Another obvious reason that one can consider is Hailey and Bieber’s recent marriage. Since the couple was within the news recently, following Hailey’s statement wouldn’t be vague.

What Baldwin plans to try to Next?

It should accompany no surprise to us that Baldwin is coming together with her own line of fashion. Her husband, Bieber, owns Drew House, a streetwear brand. In April, Baldin also filed an application to trademark her name within the areas of clothing. She also filed an application under Bieber Beauty to sell beauty and cosmetic products.
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