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Hanna Season 2: What Is Known So Far? Prime Videos Arrival Updates

Hanna is an adaptation of a movie which came out in 2011. The Season 1 of Hanna came out in March last year. As an adaptation, the Season 1 put a great deal of efforts on the detailed plot and explored the depth of the storyline which was undermined in the movie. Hanna’s Season 1 was critically acclaimed by the critics for its binding plot and the action drama fans also loved it.

Now Season 2 is in motion and here is all the thing about the upcoming season which you should know about.

When Hanna’s Season 2 is Going To Release?

The very next month after the Season 1, it was officially confirmed that there will be another season of Hanna. But apart from this, no detailed updates about the Season 2 has come out since then. So for now, there is no official release date. Maybe, in the wake of the current world scenario because of the pandemic, the Season 2 would be pushed more further than the expected release date. It is also being predicted that the Season 2 may come out later this year.

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Who Would Be In Casting Of Season 2?

In Season 1 of Hanna, we have seen that this web series is not so multi-characters type. Hanna is the main and prime focus of the drama, and the character of Hanna is portrayed by Esme Creed-Miles. Apart from her, there are only a couple of more significant characters, like Marissa Weiglar played by Mireille Enos and Erik Heller played by Joel Kinnaman. So the creators could include some significant characters to make the plot more engaging, though it is not officially confirmed.

How The Storyline Will Progress In Season 2?

In the previous season, it was like hide-and-seek play between the predators and an alone prey. Maybe in this season, Hanna would face her assassins. Although these are just the speculations and need not to be true.

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