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Hanna: Season 3? Storyline And Release Updates

Hanna, the popular show on Amazon Prime Video with a massively interesting plot. The show premiered in 2019 and the second season followed in July 2020. Although it has not been even a month since the release, the show is being renewed for the third season. Well, the open ending in the ultimate episode gave us clear indications of a third season. So, I guess Amazon will make it official soon.

When might the next season release?

Given the present situation of pandemic and stopped production we might have to wait longer for the third season. Expecting it to release around the same time next year is sheer foolishness. There’s no way that it would be released in July next year. The best we can expect is late 2021. However, depending on the pandemic and production schedule it can even be postponed to 2022.

Well, that’s just our guess, nothing can be confirmed until the officials at Amazon Prime say anything about that. However, we have reason to assume that David Farr has already started the development of the script for the third season. Talking about the script, what do you think would happen in the next season?

What might happen in the next season?

Given that nothing has been said about the plot of the next season. We are solely dependent on our assumption and guesswork. The ultimate episode of the second season clearly sets Hanna for a new mission. Moreover, we also have a potential new villain. Sandy, the UTRAX trainee turned brainwashed killer seems to be a perfect candidate to play the villain in the next season.

More or less, we might see Hanna with her allies, Marissa and Carmichael taking down UTRAX. This also suggests that the third season could also be the final season. Once UTRAX is down, not much is left to tell.

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