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Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Bly Manor Release Date On Netflix

One of the superhit horror web series, The Haunting Of Hill House, is all set to lay out its second season on Netflix. It is a horror-drama created by Mike Flanagan. The first season was somewhat based on the novel of Shirley Jackson, under the same title.

The Haunting Of Hill House was released in October 2018, and since then it has become one of the most famous horror shows on Netflix. This time it is back for its season two with a new name. The season 2, shall be called as The Howling Of Bly Manor. 

There are no announcements about the official release date of season two. If the schedule of the first season is followed then, the second season should be out by  October 2020 and if it is delayed then early 2021.

According to sources, Mike Flanagan had been planning to bring the entire cast of season one into season two, only featuring different characters. Jackson Cohen shall play the role of ‘Peter’, a resident of Bailey Manor, Pedretti will play the part of the regime, Dani, and in what characters another cast shall return is still unknown.

Flanagan updated that filming of season two is almost done. He also said that he has collaborated with amazing directors in finishing the season. Season two might be based on Henry James’s novel, ‘The Turn of The Screw’. There are reports that this might be a rumor as well.

Season one was highly appreciated and critically acclaimed. If the filming is done then it can be expected that season two shall soon get aired on Netflix.

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