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His Dark Materials: Season 2 Renewed At HBO! Release Date Updates

Anyone interested in traveling to a different world. Well, a book of Philip Pullman’s book His Dark Materials and what if those characters from the book come and shine on your screen?

His Dark Materials is a fantasy drama TV series based on Pullman’s trilogy of the same name, produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions for both BBC and HBO, where HBO is responsible for the international distribution.

When will the Show begin?

The series is already out with one season and second got its green light long back. The filming is already done, left with some final touches which would be completed soon. So it is obvious that the shooting took place long before this pandemic sets foot in the world.

That leads us to the information that the new season would be here by Autumn 2020. Yup, you read it right, this Autumn we will have a new season of His Dark Materials on the watchlist.

Recap and Precap

Season 1 is set in a multi-world reality, involving actions moving in from one world to another. The initial story is set in a different world than ours, where every human has an animal companion known as dæmons.

The main storyline revolves around Lyra, a brave young girl, who lives with the scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. Lyra, as she moves ahead in life day by day, she discovers a lot that was hidden and sets on a journey to know more about them.

If the series is about to follow the book, next season we might see Lyra’s search to continue along with the search of her father and friend Will Parry.

The rest is up to the creators.


Here is the is cast members that you would be seeing on screen

  • Dafne Keen is back as Lyra Belacqua
  • Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Coulter
  • Lin Manuel-Miranda as Lee Scoresby.
  • Ruta Gedmintas
  • Serafina Pekkala
  • Joe Tandberg
  • Helen McCrory
  • Pheobe Waller-Bridge
  • Andrew Scott as Colonel John Parry/Jopari
  • Amir Wilson as Will Parry
  • Jade Anouka as Ruta Skadi
  • Giacomo Paradisi as Terence Stamp
  • Simone Kirby as Mary Malone


I knew you would come down to this and to save your trouble for looking out for one, I got the preview here for you. Hope you enjoy your time.

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