Hollywood: Netflix Still Has No Plans To Renew Hollywood For Season 2


Hollywood. The freshly released Netflix’s miniseries. This American drama web television is set in the golden ages of Hollywood. It features a number of aspiring actors and filmmakers who want to make their dreams come true. It shows Hollywood from a What-if angle if some of the dynamics of the industry were changed.

The show also portrays a wide spectrum of issues in Hollywood along the run. Some of those issues are homophobia, blackmailing, power struggle and also racism. 7 episodes of the show were just released on 1st of May and the people are already talking about the second season.

Will There Be A Second Season?

This show sure has an impressive and wide cast. Therefore the viewers are bound to think of the future of the show. It gets there hopes on a follow-up season. Well, as good as it sounds sadly it might not happen. Though it is a good show with the potential to gain popularity, it was created as a limited series. That means Netflix did now have intentions to make another season of the show from the very beginning. Thus, a follow-up season might not happen.

However, if the views and the ratings of the show turn out to be very good then there could be a discussion about it. Although even then a renewal is not guaranteed, as neither Murphy nor Brennan have shared anything about a second season yet.

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However, what could happen in the next season?

Well, it is not that the show was exclusively made to portray just post-WW2 Hollywood. It could just jump to a little later when the emergence of TV threatened the Film industry, that was in fact in the 50s. Well, it would also mean that the show might get a set of all-new characters. This sounds like a good idea to show the transition of Hollywood over time.


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