How to Get More Subscribers and Grow Your Youtube Channel in 2020?

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2020 is the year of the internet! Everyone has a device with Internet access. Plus, the world is mostly functioning online today.

This year, your chances of being found on YouTube has increased. But, so has the competition.  Now, almost everyone is creating content online, mostly to pass the time more creatively.

It might even make you want to count yourself out of the competition and believe that ranking high on YouTube is quite challenging. However, that is not true. Not every YouTube channel has a strategy.  That is where the rankings sink. If you want to be a  successful YouTuber, you need to have a strong marketing strategy along with a good YouTube video editor.

Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2020

Here’s how to grow your channel from zero to thousands and then to millions: 

1. Play the Keyword Game Right 

Keywords determine the search rankings. If you use your keywords right, they can take you to the top of the search results. If you do not use them, you will lie hidden amongst the others. Are you wondering how to find the right keywords? It is simple!

i. First, select a “Seed Keyword” or a general, broad idea of what your video is about.

For example, if you are doing a makeup tutorial, the general keywords will be:

  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Learn Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Everyday Makeup

ii. The next step is to make the keywords more specific to your genre. Type the “Seed” keyword in the YouTube search bar. A list of suggested searches will appear. This gives you the long-tail keywords or the most searched keywords. You can pick from these keywords. Otherwise, to avoid higher competition, you can look for similar keywords on online tools like Google Keyword Tool. 

2. Frequent Upload of Quality Videos

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The topics preferred by your audience will change every day. Therefore, you should upload videos frequently and take care of the topic you pick. 

A regularity in posting videos helps to keep your subscribers engaged. Yet, posting just for the sake of it will cost you a lot more than a delayed posting. Keep these points in mind: 

  • The content on your channel must follow a niche.
  • The topic that you choose must be fresh. Stale topics or ones already available will not interest the subscribers.
  • The content should be high-quality for the viewers.
  • Set a posting pattern to avoid long breaks in between posts. For example, post every Monday at 7 PM. This way, even if you miss the deadline by a day, your posting pattern is not disturbed.
  • You should know how to edit videos for YouTube to make content visually pleasing.
  • You should be aware with YouTube affiliate marketing training.

3. Watch Time Optimization

As a YouTuber, your goal is to keep your viewer glued to the video for as long as possible. The longer the viewer stays on your video, the better is the watch time. Why is watch time important? YouTube ranks videos as per their watch time. The more the watch time, the better the rank!  

Watch time is nothing but the cumulative minutes of viewership on a video. The longer people stay on your video, the higher will be your rank. This has nothing to do with the overall video length. This criterion remains the same for both, single video rankings and the ranking of channels. 

The common myth is that you should upload shorter videos, up to 5 minutes only.  That is true to an extent. Shorter videos require a shorter attention span.  Hence, they are watched more. However, people are willing to watch longer videos if they enjoy the content. 

The trick is simple. A 10-minute video watched for 5 minutes garners the same watch time as a 5-minute video watched for 5 minutes. So, it is best to make longer videos packed with value. This way, if your viewers watch the entire video, your total watch time is automatically higher.

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An outro maker can also make a positive difference in the video watch time. Also, do not fluff the introduction. The first 15 seconds of your video decide how long the viewer stays.

4. Use Proper Video Tags and Descriptions  

As a content creator, your entire focus is on the quality of the content and the keywords. Thus, you sometimes miss out on the finer details. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is no secret to anyone. The SEO ranking, YouTube tags, and video descriptions are all you need to concentrate on to increase your subscriber count. 

To optimize the tags, your priority should be the target keywords followed by the tags which describe your topic and are not in the keywords. After that, you can use tags that describe the general niche or the industry your video belongs to. If you feel like adding more tags, which is a good thing, add the long-tail versions of the seed keyword from YouTube suggestions. 

So, what qualifies for a “good video description”? A long, keyword-rich description! Even YouTube recommends it officially.  

5. Use Catchy Thumbnails  

A thumbnail is an introduction to your video even before the viewer opens the link! So, it must speak for itself! Statistically, custom thumbnails garner better results. how can you To make your custom thumbnails stand out from the others:   

  1. Avoid the color-scheme of YouTube. This means no Red, Black, or White should be used for the thumbnail.
  2. Use lots of contrast. Let the colors clash.
  3. The text on the thumbnail should stand out. For this, you can use text boxes with a colored outline.
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Youtube is a highly competitive place in 2020. To grow your subscriber base, use the tips in this article. It will take time for your YouTube channel to grow. However, having a proper strategy and patience will help you get ahead of the game.  

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